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It’s no secret many of Star Wars’ most popular characters spawned from the iconic saga’s films and series. But as video game fans of the galaxy far, far away are well aware, the interactive entertainment medium has also contributed its fair share of memorable faces to the franchise George Lucas created over 40 years ago.

In fact, with dozens upon dozens of games spanning four decades and introducing hundreds of characters, you’d have better luck grooming a Wookiee than picking a favorite among all those pixels and polygons. Still, with National Video Game Day upon us on September 12, attempted to narrow all those Jedi, Sith, droids, and aliens down to a digestible list of 10. (Plus, it served as a perfect excuse to replay our favorite Star Wars video games.)Star

Wars gaming’s most recent protagonist is also one of its best. An unlikely hero tasked with restoring the Jedi Order, former Padawan Cal Kastis perfectly fits the underdog role. But while his backstory — which also includes a narrow escape from the great Jedi purge — has you rooting for him from the get-go, it’s witnessing his lightsaber and Force skills grow right alongside your own abilities behind the gamepad that make him so relatable.

You could pack an entire cantina with awesome characters from 2003’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. But while the role-playing game spawned many a memorable Jedi and Sith, few KOTOR characters have had as iconic of a look or made as big of an impression on gamers as Revan. Known as one of the greatest Sith leaders of the Old Republic, there weren’t many who could face Revan on a battlefield and survive the encounter.