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After Grand Theft Auto 5 PS5 appeared at last night’s PlayStation Showcase, some players are poking fun at Rockstar for releasing the game for a third time.

In a clip posted to Twitter, streamer LordBalvin turns away from the camera as the game’s logo comes up, before yelling “they can’t keep getting away with this.” As the trailer welcomes players back to Los Santos and shows off the ‘expanded and enhanced’ features, he told viewers “I don’t want to go back,” before suggesting that despite the new-gen upgrade, “you can’t enhance the graphics any more than this, it already looks good,” and pointing out that you could switch between characters pretty easily when the game first released for PS3 and Xbox 360.

LordBalvin isn’t the only person who wasn’t thrilled by the re-release’s appearance during last night’s show. A quick Twitter search for ‘GTA V’ turns up dozens of memes bemoaning everything from the eight-year gap between the first release and now to the game’s subsequent appearance on multiple different platforms and the fact that GTA 6 is nowhere in sight.